V300 System Overview

V300 System with peripherals

This is a Unisys V380 system without an expansion cabinet. The V380 was a microcode (and skin) upgrade to the Burroughs B4955 mainframe computer.

From left to right, B9494-12 (680) sealed HDA dual-actuator disk pack drives, B9495-83 (5E) phase-encoded magnetic tape drives with a B9499 MEC (Controller). B9246-21/24 2000LPM train printer. B9290-30 Ion Deposition (Image Page) printer. Bxxxx-yy power distribution unit. B9494-5 (659) sealed HDA disk packs. B9484-12 (677) removable disk pack.

V3x0/V4x0 Block Diagram

 V-300 Block Diagram