MCP Network Information File (MCPN_F)

This Network Information File (NIF) contains information that is used by the MCP at data comm initialization time. There is only one MCP NIF, and it describes the network as ” seen” by the host. The MCP NIF is created by the NDL compiler on the host, and is kept on disk on the host. The name of this file is MCPNpF, where p is the processor number of the host.

B 2000/B 3000/B 4000 Series data comm is driven by tables maintained by the MCP. These tables are constructed at data comm initialization, using information in the MCP NIF.

The MCP NIF contains:

  • Station Records, in logical station number (LSN) sequence. The MCP uses these to build the MCP station table. Each record contains:
    1. Name of the original MCS for this station
    2. Physical Station Number (PSN) for this station. This is the number by which the DCP source identifies the station.
  • MCS Records, one for each MCS declared in the NDL source. The MCP uses these to build the MCP MCS table. Each record contains:
    1. Name of the MCS
    2. Id Number of the MCS
  • DCP Records, one for each DCP declared in the NDL source. The MCP uses these to build the MCP DCP table. Each record contains:
    1. ID Number of the DCP
    2. Memory Size of the DCP
    3. DCP Code File Name
Field Offset in digits Size in digits Description
Name 0 12 Station Record: The MCS name the station is assigned to
MCS Record: The MCS name
DCP Record: The DCP Code File name
12 1 0: Station Record
D: B974 Firmware Record
E: DCP Record
F: MCS Record
13 1 DCP Record: The DCP number (0 to 9)
NDL Flags 14 1 :8 Input
:4 Output
:2 Input Enable
:1 Unused
15 1 Reserved
16 4 The corresponding physical station number on the assigned DCP.
20 1 Reserved
21 2 MCS Record: The MCS number for the MCS.
23 1 Reserved


RECD NO   FILE: MCPN1F                     EOF =        6                       1/11/2012 (WEDNESDAY) 15:10   PAGE 0001            
    1    E3E2C8D4C3 E209000000 0000                                                                                               
         T S H M C  S ? ? ? ?  ? ?...00012/008                                                                                    
    2    E3E2C8D4C3 E209000001 0000                                                                                               
         T S H M C  S ? ? ? ?  ? ?...00012/008                                                                                    
    3    E3E2C8D4C3 E209000002 0000                                                                                               
         T S H M C  S ? ? ? ?  ? ?...00012/008                                                                                    
    4    E3E2C8D4C3 E209000003 0000                                                                                               
         T S H M C  S ? ? ? ?  ? ?...00012/008                                                                                    
    5    E3E2C8D4C3 E2F0000000 0000                                                                                               
         T S H M C  S 0 ? ? ?  ? ?...00012/008                                                                                    
    6    D4C3F9D5F0 C6E900FFFF 0000                                                                                               
         M C 9 N 0  F Z ? ? ?  ? ?...00012/008                                                                                    


TEXT  =   PFM LST1 MCPN1F DISK             
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