Address Error Extension (AEX) Digit 78-89

Information Value
General 00
Invalid Address Relationship 01
Hypercall Function Limit Error 02
Odd Operand Address 03
Invalid MAT Entry type 04
Index Register, General 10
Invalid Arithmetic 11
Index Register Contains Undigit 12
Invalid Base Indicant 13
Stack Pointer (IX3) is negative 14
Stack Pointer (IX3) is odd 15
Base/Limit Error, General 20
Instruction Fetch 21
Address Resolution 22
Operand Write 23
Operand Read 24
Global Link Address 25
Address Undigit, General 30
Instruction Fetch 31
Address Resolution 32
Operand Write 33
Operand Read 34
Global Link Address 35
Branch Address, General 40
Address >= limit 41
Address Contains Undigit 42
Address is odd 43
Invalid Environment Descriptor, General 50
Invalid Environment Number 51
Invalid Environment Number Most Significant Digit 52
Invalid Environment Number Index Contains Undigit 53
Memory Area Number contains undigit 54
Environment or memory Area number out of range 56
Environment number out of range 57
Memory Area Number out of range 58
Invalid Memory Area Table Entry, General 60
Invalid Environment Number 61
Invalid Environment Number, Invalid most significant digit 62
Invalid Environment Number, Index contains undigit 63
Memory area number contains undigit 64
Environment or memory area number out of range 66
Environment number out of range 67
Memory Area Number out of range 68
E-Type copy points to a copy-type entry 69
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