Invalid Instruction Extension (IEX) Digit 80-81

When the Invalid Instruction fault indicator is set, this byte will further define the type of error.

Information Value
General 00
Invalid Operator Code 01
Privileged Enable Toggle Violation 02
Invalid Address Controller 03
Stack Overflow on NTR 04
Counter Overflow 05
Invalid Field Comparison 06
Invalid Operand Field 07
Invalid AF or BF 20
Literal Not Allowed 21
Invalid Literal 22
Invalid Indirect Field Length 23
Invalid Variant 24
Invalid AF Variant 25
Invalid BF Variant 26
Invalid Privileged Access 30
Invalid Privileged Primary Access 31
Invalid Privileged Secondary Access 32
Invalid Attempt to modify Original Or Fault Memory Area Table Entry 35
Copy Protection Violation 36
Stack Protection Violation 37
Hardware Detected Failure (General) 40
Hardware failure detected for an instruction which is no longer retryable. 41
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