Bit One Test (BOT)/OP=41


OP AF BF A Syllable

OP = 41

AF is the length of the A field. A value of 00 is equal to a length of 100 units (digits or characters as specified by the A address controller). AF may be indirect or may indicate that the A syllable is a literal.
BF is the eight-bit selection mask. One bits in this mask select those bit positions to be tested for one bits within each eight-bit group of the A data field. A through F may be used to specify undigits in the mask. The field will not be recognized as indirect.

The A Syllable is the address of the data field to be examined. Address may be indexed, indirect or extended. The final address controller data type must be UN or UA. Use of SN data type is will cause an Illegal Instruction (IEX = 03) fault. See Compatibility Notes A.05.


The Bit One Test instruction tests a data field in memory A in eight-bit groups, for one bits in the bit positions selected by the field mask BF.

If the number of digits accessed is even, the entire eight-bit mask is applied to successive groups of two digits. if the number of digits is odd, the operation is the same until the last digit is accessed. The most significant four bits of the mask are applied to this digit.

Comparison Flags

Set the Comparison Flags to EQUAL if any tested bit is one or to HIGH if all tested bits are zero bits.


Field overlap is not applicable to this instruction.


Example (1) Ones test - one found

OP AFBF A Syllable
41 03F0 A Field (UN)
                    BEFORE              AFTER
   A Field            001             unchanged
    MASK              F0F  
   Comparison Flags   nn                EQUAL

Example (2) Zero test - All ones found

OP AFBF A Syllable
41 0203 A Field (UA)
                    BEFORE              AFTER
   A Field           C4C4             unchanged
    MASK             0303
   Comparison Flags   nn                 HIGH
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