Floppy Disks

Processor DLP Disk Format Storage Capacity Required Unit Number
V3x0/B49xx UC-DLP 5 1/4” MMDU 640KB 2 or 3
B29xx/B39xx UC-DLP 5 1/4” ICMD-LAK 246KB 2 or 3
B29xx/B39xx UC-DLP 8” ICMD 246KB 2 or 3
pre-900 ICMD-DLP 8” ICMD 246KB 0 or 1

MMDU (Micro MiniDisk Unit)
ICMD (Industry Compatible MiniDisk)
LAK (Lookalike - 5 1/4” looks like 8” floppy)

MiniDisk Format

ICMD format floppy diskettes must use the format for floppy disks described in IBM publication GA21-9190-1. These floppy diskettes have a maximum record size of 128 bytes and a blocking factor of 1.

Industry Compatible Look-Alike (ICMD-LAK) format floppy disks are a combination of MMDU format and ICMD format. The floppy disk is initialized in MMDU format (256 bytes per sector) and used as if it were ICMD format (128 bytes per sector).

MMDU format floppy disks have a maximum record size of 256 bytes and a blocking factor of 1.

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