Internal Processor State

The V-Series architecture is basically a memory-to-memory computer architecture. However, some procssor state is loaded from memory by the processor at specified times, and any succeeding modification of those fields in main memory has no immediate effect upon the processor operation.

The following list specifies the global state set up in memory by software and located by the processor:

  1. Reinstate List Address
  2. Memory Area Status Table Address
  3. Snap Picture Address
  4. Memory Error Report Address
  5. Kernel Memory Area Table 1) Base/Limit Entries
  6. MCP Environment Table Address
  7. Number of entries in the MCP Environment Table
  8. Time Of Day

The following list specifies the state maintained within the processor for the CURRENT TASK:

  1. Task Reinstate List Pointer - Points to entry for current task
  2. Task User Environment Table Pointer - Points to ET for current task
  3. Number of entries in Task User Environment Table Pointer
  4. Task User Services Memory Area Table Pointer - Points to USMAT for current task.
  5. Number of entries in the User Services Memory Area Table
  6. MCP Data Memory Area Base/Limit - Points to MCP DATA MA for current task
  7. Active Environment Number - active environment number for current task
  8. Program Counter - program address for current task
  9. Time Slice Remaining
  10. Task Enable toggles.
1) Not all processors load this item of processor state. See Compatibility Notes A.44
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