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 the system. the system.
 +The operating software (MCP) must assign a memory area status table entry to each physically contiguous region of memory allocated and described by an **Original**-type [[processor_state:mat|Memory Area Table Entry]].   Portions of the defined MAST entry are managed by and used only by the operating software, while other fields are used by the hardware.   The count of I/O operations in process field, for example, is managed by the [[instructions:cio|CIO]] and [[instructions:ioc|IOC]] instructions and is typically used by the operating system to determine if the memory region may be relocated in physical memory or rolled out to secondary storage.
 ===== V3x0, V4x0, V5x0 Memory Area Status Table Layout ===== ===== V3x0, V4x0, V5x0 Memory Area Status Table Layout =====
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