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 +====== Processor Enable Toggles ======
 +The memory error report enable allows a memory error report to be
 +written into memory and affects the contents of the main memory
 +specified by the value of the memory error report address.
 +The memory error report enable and address are set by the [[instructions:whr#BF = 02 Memory Error Report Address|Write
 +Hardware Register]] instruction and is turned off
 +automatically after the report is written into memory.
 +The SNAP picture enable allows one SNAP picture per processor to be
 +stored in memory and affects the contents of main memory specified
 +by the value of the SNAP picture address that was set by the [[instructions:whr|Write
 +Hardware Register]] instruction.
 +If the error was an invalid instruction fault, address error fault,
 +or an instruction timeout fault, then the task SNAP enable for the
 +task must also be set for a SNAP picture to be stored into main
 +If the error was a hardware failure, then only the processor SNAP
 +enable must be set for the SNAP picture to be stored into main
 +memory. (Some single processor systems unconditionally store a SNAP
 +picture into main memory on a fatal hardware failure.)
 +The SNAP picture enable is set by the [[instructions:whr#BF = 01 Snap Picture Address/Snap Enable|write hardware register
 +instruction]] and is reset by another [[instructions:whr#BF = 04 Snap Picture Address/Snap Disabled|variant]] of the
 +same instruction. The enable is turned off
 +automatically after the picture is written into memory.
 +Some processors write certain SNAP pictures into SNAP files on the
 +maintenance subsystem disk.
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