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 ====== Reinstate List Entry (Specification Level B) ====== ====== Reinstate List Entry (Specification Level B) ======
 +The reinstate list is a system array set up by the MCP to control task
 +switching in the processor. Every task has an entry in this table.
 +The reinstate list is located in memory with a [[instructions:whr|write hardware register]]
 +Two of the entries have special significance.  The entry for task #0 is not assigned to a task because its [[processor_state:environment_table|Environment Table]] Address field contains the absolute memory address of the MCP environment table.  Task #1 is reserved for the MCP kernel code.
 ^  Offset \\ (digits)  ^  Size \\ (digits)  ^ Purpose  ^ ^  Offset \\ (digits)  ^  Size \\ (digits)  ^ Purpose  ^
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