The V-Series simulator is a 64-bit Linux application that emulates the following Unisys V-series mainframe computer systems.

  • V3x0 Series
    1. The V310 is a single processor, limited capacity version of the V340
    2. The V340 is a single processor V380 with no Instruction Fetch pipelining
    3. The V380 is a single processor reskinned B4955 with updated firmware providing enhanced instructions and supporting a new operating system, MCP/VS.
  • V4x0 Series
    1. The V430 is a single processor redesigned V380 replacing each processor board with a single VLSI ASIC.
    2. The V460 is a dual processor V430.
  • V5x0 Series
    1. The V510 is a single processor, reduced performance version of the V530
    2. The V530 is a single processor system
    3. The V560 is a dual processor V530
    4. The V580 is a three-processor system built from a V530 and a V560 linked by an Inter-Cabinet Buffer Module (ICBM).
    5. The V590 is a four-processor system built from two V560 systems linked by an Inter-Cabinet Buffer Module (ICBM). Neither the V580 nor the V590 were ever shipped by Unisys, but a prototype system was built in Pasadena.

Peripheral Device Support

The following Data Link Processors have been implemented in the simulator.

Device Description Simulator Notes
5N 5N Head-Per-Track disk Implemented as a memory-based persistent device using mmap(2).
HT-SEQ Host Transfer (Sequential) Implemented using pread(2) and pwrite(2) from standard disk files.
PRN Buffered Printer Produces printed output to standard linux text file (132 columns)
TPR Train Printer Produces printed output to standard linux text file (132 columns)
GCR Group Coded Recording (6250BPI) Tape Drive Controller Reads and writes SIMH tape images from regular disk files or from a SCSI-based 4mm, 8mm or 9-track tape drive
CRD 300CPM 80-column Card Reader Reads card images from a standard linux text file (short images are blank-extended to 80 columns)
PCH 80-column Card Punch Writes card images to a standard linux text file
ODT Universal Console Emulates two floppy drives and a TD-830 Operator Display Terminal (ODT)
UNILINE Uniline (OCS) Emulates a TD-830 Operator Control Station (OCS) or an RJE client attached using Standard Terminal Control (STC) firmware
SSP Shared Systems Processor Implemented using mmap(2) shared memory and process-scope pthread mutexes.
HC-2 Host Control 2 (ISC) Implemented using TCP connections to a hub daemon.
DC-DLP (Telcom) Data Communications DLP (AKA TELCOM or ORS-DLP) Supports 4 lines and 10,000 stations.

The simulator can simulate up to 16 processors per system and simulates successfully all extant V3x0, V4x0 and V5x0 models.

The simulator can run a four-system shared disk/pack cluster using the SSP dlp.

Screen Shots

Screen Shots of the simulator are available with the description of the AD (Automatic Display) command.

Release Notes

Usage Notes

Installing and Running the simulator

The simulator binary runs on any 64-bit Linux after Fedora Core 4, including Ubuntu 9.04. The linux instance may be bare metal or may be a virtual machine under vmware server, xen, kvm or Hyper-V.

Unpack the simulator archive:

 bash$ tar xzf vsim.tgz

Change directory to the simulator directory:

 bash$ cd vsim

Coldstart the simulator:

 bash$ ./vsim -e configs/coldstart.vsim -t /tmp/

The configuration file, coldstart.vsim, describes the system configuration. Simulator log output will be preserved in the trace file designated by the -t parameter.

The coldstart configuration file looks like (with descriptive comments interspersed):

 so limit 80md
 so arch v380

These two lines describe the processor type and the memory size, in digits. 80 million digits is 40 million bytes.

 channel 1 reader
 control 1/0 load carddecks/coldstart.crd
 channel 11 reader
 control 11/0 load carddecks/bpl1.crd

Declare card readers on channels 1 and 11 and preload a deck of cards on each reader. Card decks are simply ASCII files containing one or more 80-byte card images. The card reader DLP will convert the ASCII to EBCDIC when reading the cards.

 channel 3 tpr
 control 3/0 load printers/tpr_03_output

Declare a line printer. Printed output will be stored as 132-character ASCII lines. A form-feed character will be generated on skip to channel 1.

 channel 6 gcr
 control 6/0 load magtapes/mcp.tap
 control 6/1 load magtapes/scott1.tap
 control 6/2 load magtapes/cobol.tap
 control 6/3 load magtapes/cande.tap
 control 6/5 loadw magtapes/test.tap

Declare 5 GCR/PE reel-to-reel tape drives. Preload read-only tapes on units 0, 1, 2 and 3 and load an empty writable real on unit 5. Tape files are in SIMH format.

 channel 10 odt
 control 10/4 listen 3310

Declare an Operator Display Terminal and listens on TCP port 3310 for a connection from a t27 client.

 channel 15 uniline
 control 15 loadfw ocs
 control 15/0 listen port 3315

Declare a Uniline DLP, pre-load the Operator Control Station firmware, and listen on TCP port 3315 for a connection from a t27 client.

 channel 16 htseq
 control 16/0 loadfw AD
 control 16/0 create diskpacks/206pack1.img 206S
 control 16/1 create diskpacks/682pack2.img 682S
 control 16/2 create diskpacks/207LAK0.img 207S LAK
 control 16/3 create diskpacks/207LAK1.img 207S LAK

Declare a Disk/Pack controller, preload the controller firmware (HSTLAD) and create 2 disk (100-byte sectors) and 2 pack (180-byte sectors) units of the designated types. The files are stored as an array of sectors with no header information.

 channel 5 5n
 control 5/0 create diskpacks/5n_eu0.img

Declare a head-per-track 100-byte sector disk device.

 channel 21 punch
 control 21/0 stacker main  carddecks/pch21_main.crd
 control 21/0 stacker aux   carddecks/pch21_aux.crd
 control 21/0 stacker error carddecks/pch21_error.crd

Declare a card punch and associate output files with each of the punch stackers.

 so qwikdisk 40md

Reserve half of the total system memory for a memory-resident 20Mbyte disk device.

 so odt 10

Set the ODT channel

 so mcp 5/0

Set the MCP disk channel.

 load system

Load the bootstrap program in coldstart mode


Start the simulation

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