Build 505 Release Notes

New Features

  1. The SLL instruction is now fully supported
  2. The SLD instruction is now fully supported
  3. The CPS instruction is now fully supported
  4. With this build, all Revision B. defined instructions are now supported by the simulator.
  5. Build 505 includes a rudimentary Remote Job Entry client (vrje)
  6. Build 505 UNILINE DLP support includes support for STC firmware (UST3BH) for use by the vrje client.

Outstanding Issues

  1. DBC2CO shows failures for SUB, DEC (and ADD/INC where one operand is negative) related to detection of overflow (overflow is not detected in some cases), and there is one instance where subtraction returns an incorrect result.
  2. The support in the GCR DLP for physical SCSI tape drives is not complete nor tested.
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