CHARGE (Insert Charge Number)

MCP Control Instruction

Access Level: 1

The CHARGE instruction inserts a user charge number into the MCP Run log (RLOG) records.

The CHARGE command can be used to assign a user-designated charge number to the execution of any program. If the CHRG option is set, all programs being scheduled for operation must have a charge number to be accepted by the MCP.

___ CHARGE ___ <integer> _____________________________________________________________|
 |          |
 |_ CG _____| 


These are synonymous.

This is the charge number to be associated with the program. The charge number must be a number not longer than six digits. If fewer than six digits are used, leading zeros are assumed. This number is carried in the RLOG file for subsequent time analysis or billing use.


The ZIP facility allows user programs to send system commands, and the commands sent with the ZIP facility are acted on exactly as if they had been entered at the ODT. The ZIP facility is invoked by constructs in the various programming languages. When a program uses a ZIP statement to schedule another program for operation and fails to supply a charge number for the ZIPped program, the charge number of the program doing the ZIP will be used for the ZIPped program.

The execute phase of a compile-and-go operation is assigned the charge number associated with the compile. A compile-and-go operation occurs if the LIBRARY or SYNTAX option is not used with the COMPILE (Compile Program) command. An object code file will be generated and executed, and then removed from the system unless SAVE is specified.

CHARGE associates a program with a charge number but does not affect the security attributes of the user or the program.



This executes a program called A and inserts a user charge number of 670345 for it in the RLOG.


This invokes the DMPALL utility to print the contents of a file called A and inserts a user charge number of 000005 for it in the RLOG.

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