USER (Assign Access Code)

MCP Control Instruction

Access Level: 0

The USER command assigns an access code to a single job or input command. An access code is a usercode/password/charge number combination.

You enter the USER command before a command that starts a program, such as COMPILE (Compile Program) or EXECUTE (Execute Library Program). The program then executes under the attributes of that access code. You can also precede file maintenance commands or any other command with the USER command.

_ USER _______________________________________________________________________________|
        |              | |                       | |                            |
        |_ <usercode> _| |__________ <password> _| |__________ <charge number> _|
                            |     |                   |     |
                            |_ / _|                   |_ / _|


This refers to a code that identifies a user to the system.

This refers a group of characters by which the system determines the legality of a user.

<charge number>
This refers to a number used to assign charges for system use.

Note: The <usercode>, <password>, and <charge number> are all optional. Slashes are required only if leading parameters are omitted (for example, USER / /63023).


The device from which the USER command is entered does not have to be logged in.

The security attributes of the access code become attached to the next program or function started from this device. These attributes override any that might have been active from previous BEGINUSER (Beginning of Job Stream) or LI (Log In) commands. When the input command or job affected by the USER command has completed processing, the security attributes revert to what they were before the USER command was entered.

If the CHRG option is set, a charge number must be given for each program initiation (certain MCP utilities excepted).

The charge number can be overridden by the CHARGE command. CHARGE associates a program with a charge number but does not affect the security attributes of the user or the program. (However, the charge number along with the user code and password must form a valid access code.)

Note that the BEGINUSER (Beginning of Job Stream) and LI (Log In) commands affect security attributes for all programs executed from the logged-in device, whereas the USER command affects security attributes for only one program.



This starts the program RUST with the security attributes of user code USR2, password PASS2, and charge number 999999.

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