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V500 Systems

There were five models of the V5x0 series mainframes planned, and three models which actually shipped.

Model Shipped? Description
V510 Y Introductory model. 4.28 Mips, 238 RPM. Comparable to IBM 4381-P3 or Unisys A10H
V530 Y Standard Model. 8.06 Mips, 452 RPM. Comparable to IBM 3090-150E or Unisys A12
V560 Y Dual Processor V530. 15.02 Mips, 830 RPM. Comparable to IBM 3081-KX or Unisys A15FX
V580 N Three Processor V530. One V560 and one V530 processor cabinet connected with an inter-cabinet buffer module (ICBM)
V590 N Four Processor V530. Two V560 processor cabinets connected with an ICBM.


A V510 with a single I/O base cabinet.


V530 with dual I/O cabinets.

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